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The cast of Barbecue.

About Us

Photo credit: Heath Hays

Strawdog Theatre Company is one of Chicago’s oldest, non-Equity, ensemble theater companies. Our ensemble of nearly 30 directors, writers, designers, and actors work with more than 100 guest artists each season to create theatrical experiences that champion our core values of Community, Challenge, Ensemble, and Genuine Connection. 

We believe those values are best expressed through an approach to theatre that minimizes the barrier between artists and audience. We employ two key strategies to promote this philosophy. For each production, we strive to use immersive set designs that physically place the audience into the world of the play. After performances, we provide the audience with access to our cast and creative team for informal and engaging discourse. It is also critical to Strawdog’s mission to select and produce work that highlights the diversity of our artistic ensemble and the community we reflect. We constantly strive for equity and inclusion in our artistic programming through our collaborative approach to creation.


Strawdog Theatre Company is committed to ensemble acting and an immersive design approach, offering Chicago the premiere storefront theatre experience. We develop new work, re-imagine classic plays, explore new fusions of music and theatre, ask provocative questions and deliver the unexpected to our audience. We provide a home for our celebrated ensemble to work and play with the most sought after artists in Chicago theatre along with the best new talents in the city.

Core Values

We are always guided by four core values in every artistic and administrative decision we make.

Genuine Connection: We create a bond between our artists and audiences through truth and authenticity.

Community: We work in a space for sharing of ideas and experiences that extend beyond our walls.

Challenge: We pursue growth through risk-taking. We ask our audiences to dive into the unknown and embrace the unexpected.

Ensemble: We collaborate, always putting the group before the individual. We believe in the power of teamwork and support.