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John Ferrick plays Andre in Chekhov's Three Sisters.

Three Sisters

Photo credit: Chris Ocken




Season 18

Oct 14, 2005–Nov 19, 2005

3829 N. Broadway

In a garrison town somewhere in the backwoods of Russia, the three Prozorov sisters—Olga, Masha and Irina—and their brother Andre live in the large, beautiful house their father, an army general, has left them. Raised to be bastions of refinement and taste, but stranded amongst soldiers and smalltown folk with no ambition, they cling desperately to memories of the bright, thriving Moscow they left as children. Unable to bear the ordinariness of their lives, tempers flare and all manner of appetites go unchecked, eliciting wild and dangerous responses from those around them and turning the proper Prozorov home into a place where anything can happen.

Jeff Awards

Scenic Design, Brian Sidney Bembridge; New Adaptation, Curt Columbus

“… intensely appealing … smoldering sexual energy … marvel anew at how this city —and, it seems, only this city—can come up with shows like this …”

— Chicago Tribune

“… striking in its bald honesty and bold emotion.”

— Time Out Chicago

“… beautifully acted and beautiful-to-look-at revival …”

— New City

“… a pure joy to experience.”

— Gay Chicago Magazine


Jennifer Avery

as Natasha

Bill Bannon

as Vershinin

Abigail Boucher

as Irina

Jeff Bruce

as Ferapont

Peter Davis

as Chebutykin

Anita Deely

Anita Deely

as Olga

Patricia Donegan

as Anfisa

John Ferrick.

John Ferrick*

as Andre

Kyle Hamman.

Kyle Hamman*

as Andre (Understudy)

Erik Hellman

as Tuzenbach

Tom Hickey

as Fedotik

Kat McDonnell.

Kat McDonnell*

as Masha

John Henry Roberts.

John Henry Roberts*

as Kulygin

Steven Schine

as Rode

Jamie Vann.

Jamie Vann*

as Solyony

Creative Team

Anton Chekhov

Curt Columbus

Kimberly Senior

Alison Daigle
Assistant Director

Brian Bembridge
Set Design

Jesse Klug
Light Design

Aly Renee Amidei*
Costume Design

Mary Winn Heider
Props Design

Tamara Roberts
Sound Design

Amber Johnson
Stage Manager

Laura Dieli

Sean T. Mallary
Production Manager

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member