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Michaela Petro speaks into a microphone.

Fame: Live Forever

Photo credit: Chris Ocken




Season 19

Jun 2, 2007–Jun 23, 2007

3829 N. Broadway

A new batch of live radio from one of the minds behind our lean and critically acclaimed cuttings of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Measure for Measure, polished by a sharp young director whose work has been featured four times in Collaboraction’s Sketchbook. The programme includes:

Crime on the Rocks. Meet Nelly Quinn, Private Investigator. Oversexed, overbearing and overserved. This is not your father’s PI. In this episode Nelly falls for her client as she tries to solve the mystery of supposed threats to American’s sweetheart, bubblegum singer Blaire Blaine.

Picklebot and Lawfer: The Final Mission. 4 Freedom. 4 Serious. IV. You have cheered for these heros time and time again. So get ready to cheer again…again. A freak earthquake puts Greenland in possession of an atomic liquid that makes it the most powerfull country in the world. With the freedom of the world in peril, will Picklebot and Lawfer shower victory in red, white and blood?

Pop Song. The SRT World Service brings you a special feature on the Gilroy Rovers. In 1989 they took the U.K. by storm with their chart-topping hit Pop Song’. Their time at the top did not last long and they fell into the pop culture oblivion. Then, in 2007, British rapper Mind the Gap samples their song and brings the group back into the spotlight. A second chance for for fame and glory? SRT commentator Stacy Winterburn files this special report.


Brennan Buhl

Cynthia Castiglione

Dana Cruz

Chris Hainsworth

John Moran

Michaela Petro.

Michaela Petro*

Creative Team

Michael Dailey

Amanda Delheimer

Sean T. Mallary
Light Design

Kevin Richey
Music Director

Donald Cardiff

Mikhail Fiksel
Sound Design

Sharma Dardai
Foley Artist

David Sohl
Foley Artist

Kyle D. Hillman

Heather Vogel
Production Manager

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member