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Two men in suits confront each other in Strawdog's Detective Story.

Detective Story

Photo credit: Chris Ocken



Season 18

Aug 10, 2005–Aug 14, 2005

Theater on the Lake
2400 N. Lakeshore Drive

New York’s 21st Squadroom is a never-ending parade of shoplifters, burglars, reporters, paranoids, con artists, slick lawyers and angry victims. Navigating this chaos, Detective James McLeod trusts nothing more than his ability to know a criminal when he sees one. But when his pursuit of a suspect uncovers a secret within his own home, McLeod’s black-and-white world starts to come apart.


Carmen Aiello

as Photographer

Tirf Alexius

as Barnes

Jennifer Avery

as Shoplifter

Drew Bratton

as Crumbum

Rich Cotovsky

as Charlie

David Cromer

as Joe Feinson

Michael Dailey.

Michael Dailey*

as Callahan

Anita Deely

Anita Deely

as Mrs. Bagatelle

Michael Dobbs

as Gallagher

James Elly

as Arthur

Chris Hainsworth

as Dakis

Kyle Hamman.

Kyle Hamman*

as Lewis

Chris Hejl

as Mr. Gallantz

Tom Hickey

as James McLeod

Shannon Hoag.

Shannon Hoag*

as Mary McLeod

Fran Karbens

as Mrs. Fenney

Leonard Kraft

as Mr. Pritchett

Angelina Martinez

as Indignant Citizen

Kat McDonnell.

Kat McDonnell*

as Miss Hatch

Stephen F. Murray

as Gus Keogh

Nigel Patterson

as Kurt Schneider

Amanda Putman

as Susan

John Henry Roberts.

John Henry Roberts*

as Sims

Kay Schmitt

as Mrs. Farragut

Will Schutz

as Willy

Sean Sinitski

as Brody

Jamie Vann.

Jamie Vann*

as Lt. Monaghan

Mike Vieau

as Tami Giacopetti

James Anthony Zoccoli

as O'Brien

Creative Team

Sidney Kingsley

Shade Murray

Stephen F. Murray
Assistant Director

Ray Vicek
Set Design

Sean T. Mallary
Light Design

Aly Renee Amidei*
Costume Design

Michelle Caplan
Props Design

Andy Sewell
Sound Design

Matt Harding
Fight Choreographer

Sean McIntosh
Technical Direction

Evin Eubanks
Stage Manager

Katie Hawkey

Tim Zingelman

Laura Dieli
Production Manager

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member