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Kamille Dawkins in Barbecue.

Kamille Dawkins

Kamille Dawkins.

Strawdog Cast

Take Me (Season 31)

The Revolutionists (Season 31)
Marianne Angelle

Barbecue (Season 30)

PIllars of the Community (Season 30)
Dina Dorf

Once in a Lifetime (Season 28)
Cast Member

The Four (Season 33)
Cast Member

Strawdog Creative Team

The Effect (Season 32)
Assistant Director

Run the Beast Down (Season 33)
Director of Photography

How Do We Navigate Space? (Season 33)
Director of Photography

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins (Season 34)
Artistic Director

On the Greenbelt (Season 34)
Artistic Director