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Kamille Dawkins in Barbecue.

Kamille Dawkins

Kamille Dawkins.

Kamille Dawkins hails from the island of Jamaica and has been performing in Chicago since 2014. Following her first show, If Scrooge Was a Brother with ETA Creative Arts Foundation, she became a Black Theater Alliance nominee for the 2015 Phylicia Rashad Award for Most Promising Actress. 

Since then she has been featured as an actor, singer, and musician in Filament’s Pinocchio, The House Theatre’s The Revel, and Strawdog Theatre’s Once in a Lifetime, among other shows. In 2017 Kamille performed Phillis: American Revolutionary with Redd World Opera and Gender Breakdown with Collaboraction Theatre.

Strawdog Cast

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The Revolutionists (Season 31)
Marianne Angelle

Barbecue (Season 30)

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Once in a Lifetime (Season 28)
Cast Member

Strawdog Creative Team

The Effect (Season 32)
Assistant Director