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John Ferrick on stage.

John Ferrick

John Ferrick.

An ensemble member since 2001, John joined Strawdog shortly after performing the role of Robert Sideway in Our Country’s Good. In 2014 he finished off an eleven-month run of back-to-back-to-back shows with Monstrous Regiment by Terry Prachit adapted by Chris Hainsworth and directed by Kevin Theis at Lifeline Theatre. He has appeared in more than a dozen shows at Strawdog, most notably Andre in Three Sisters, Marc Antony in Julius Caesar, Flote in Red Noses and Red Noses Remounted, Nikos in Big Love, Joe and others in Great Expectations, and, most recently, Aveling in Miss Marx.

Here at Strawdog, John is an active part of the Literary Committee and gets to read tons of interesting plays and help funnel the best ones to our stages for you to enjoy. Prior to working with Strawdog, he performed with Mike Dailey in About Face Theatre’s inaugural production of Dream Boy at the old Eclipse Theatre space in Bucktown far far too many years ago. John is also an Artistic Associate at The Division. 

He has also worked on multiple productions at Lifeline Theatre, including The Count of Monte Cristo, Watership Down, Treasure Island, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Mark of Zorro, Talking it Over, and (working with Ned Mochel as director) the critically acclaimed productions of The Killer Angels, The Return of the King, and The Two Towers. Some other theatres around town that he has worked at include: Goodman, Court, Roadworks, Famous Door, National Jewish, Eclipse, Redtwist, Collaboraction, Stage Left, The Hypocrites, The Side Project, Thunder Road, About Face, and many others. 

John has been lucky enough to appear in many commercials, including a slew of national Nintendo spots for various sports games. He also does some voice-over work around town. Television credits include two episodes of Prison Break. Film credits include Jack Slash and Nevel is the Devil.

John holds a BFA in Acting from The Theatre School at Depaul University and is proudly represented by Paonessa Talent. When not running around pretending to be other people John enjoys delving into worlds of sci-fi and fantasy through literature and, if he’s lucky, getting to play Dungeons and Dragons with his awesome friends who have a campaign that’s been running for roughly seven years now! He is an admitted geek. 

He wants to thank his amazing wife, Chelsea, for bringing him back from the dead and constantly reminding him how amazing life is.

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