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Ensemble member Carmine Grisolia sings in Tooth of Crime.

Tooth of Crime (2nd Dance)

Photo credit: Chris Ocken




Season 18

Apr 7, 2006–May 21, 2006

3829 N. Broadway

In the near future, America is torn into competing factions and city-states and the main attraction—the only attraction—is The Game. A global battle for status and territory played by ruthless rock-and-roll warlords, played according to rules issued by a mysterious council of Keepers, played for the excitement and entertainment of a tiny upper class, while everyone else gets trampled underneath.

Hoss has been at the top of The Game for a long time, a warrior king with nothing left to conquer, safe with his entourage behind the walls of his desert fortress. Driven half wild by his comfortable but contained existence, he can think of nothing but new kills, certain that passiveness will be his death. Then a speck out in the wasteland grows suddenly large: out of the battered masses rises a gypsy named Crow, a new breed of player only in The Game as a means to destroy it.

To take on this unknown challenger is a foolish, unnecessary risk, with little to gain and everything to lose—Hoss jumps at the chance. What follows is all-out battle in a mode that goes beyond the physical and attacks the soul. Head to head, until one’s dead.

“… awesome, awesome and awesome.”

— Chicago Maroon

Dimond’s staging explodes with energy …”

— Chicago Free Press

“… intimate quarters … exactly right for this ecstatic spectacle …”

— Windy City Times


Brian Amidei

as Ref

Amanda Eaton

as Kelpie

John Ferrick.

John Ferrick*

as Meera

Carmine Grisolia.

Carmine Grisolia*

as Hoss

Chris Hainsworth

as Chaser

Carolyn Klein

as Becky

John Henry Roberts.

John Henry Roberts*

as Crow

Rob Skrocki

as Doc

James Anthony Zoccoli

as Ruido Ran

Creative Team

Sam Shepard

Nic Dimond

Robert Moore
Set Design

Sean T. Mallary
Light Design

Aly Renee Amidei*
Costume Design

Mikhail Fiksel
Music Director

Tom Hickey

Erin Carlson
Stage Manager

Kyle D. Hillman

Laura Dieli
Production Manager

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member