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Two people embrace, with their mouths on a single apple.

The Green Bird

Photo credit: Chris Ocken




Season 14

Apr 14, 2002–May 18, 2002

3829 N. Broadway

Tartaglia, King of Monterotondo, hits town after 18 years of waging war to discover that his mother, the evil Tartagliona, has done away with his Queen, Ninetta, on a trumped up charge of crimes against nature. The Queen Mother, egged on by her scheming toady, the poet Brighella, is determined to hold on to the throne at all costs!

Little does the King know that his wife still lives, as do his children, the twins Barbarina and Renzo, who have survived a villainous attempt to do away with them and grown up in the care of Truffaldino and Smeraldina, the King’s Sausage Maker and his Wife. Respectively.

The road to resolving this mess involves a sexy statue, a know-it-all stone head, a trip to Nowhere Mountain, a snake of biblical proportions and a mysterious Green Bird upon whom everything hinges.

Written in the 18th century by Carlo Gozzi and given a dash of rocket sauce by Steven Epp of Theatre de la Jeune Lune, The Green Bird is directed by Strawdog emeritus member Nic Dimond, director of The Waltz Invention, Measure for Measure and Return to the Howard Bowl.


Jennifer Avery

as Barbarina

Michael Dailey.

Michael Dailey*

as Truffeldino

Anita Deely

Anita Deely

as Tartagliona

Chris Hainsworth

as Calmon, The Big Giant Head

Kyle Hamman.

Kyle Hamman*

as Renzo

Tom Hickey

as Accordion Ninja

Shannon Hoag.

Shannon Hoag*

as Pompea

Kat McDonnell.

Kat McDonnell*

as Smeraldina, Sausage Mistress

Gregor Mortis

as Ninja, Calmon's Hand

James Anthony Zoccoli

as Tartaglia the King

Creative Team

Nic Dimond

Gregor Mortis

Kimberly Senior

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member