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The Battle of Agincourt in St. Crispin's Day.

St. Crispin’s Day

Photo credit: Chris Ocken



Season 22

Sep 26, 2009–Oct 31, 2009

3829 N. Broadway

It’s the eve of The Battle of Agincourt, and Henry V prepares to lead a beleaguered band of peasants to a glorious and indelible place in history. Or it’s the eve of The Battle of Agincourt, and some tyrant is about to force a bunch of savage morons to get themselves killed in an unjust land grab.

In the trenches with some of Shakespeare’s lowest and funniest characters, an Irishman named Will urges his brothers in arms to attack the real source of their misery: the bastard wearing the English crown. But can the likes of Pistol and Bardolph forget about French prostitutes and looting churches long enough to change history?

Jeff Awards

Lighting Design, Sean Mallary; Costume Design, Joanna Melville

How to transform Henry V, Shakespeare’s most stirringly patriotic play, into a sardonic indictment of war and imperialism? Playwright Matt Pepper manages it by shifting focus to the original play’s rogues (Bardolph, Nym and Pistol), adding a wacky plot to kidnap the king, and putting a decidedly cynical spin on Henry’s notions of government. Voila: black comedy where once there was a national myth … thought provoking and savagely funny. The real story here, though, is Kevin Christopher Fox’s staging for Strawdog Theatre Company. From Anders Jacobson and Judy Radovsky’s muddy, mist-enshrouded scenic design to the gleefully depraved performances of the cast, this production reinforces at every turn the argument that war degrades and distorts human nature.”

— Chicago Reader

Publicized with the apropos tagline, War. So Funny it Hurts,” St. Crispin’s Day marks a hilarious opening to Strawdog Theatre Company’s 22nd season. The tirelessly irreverent troupe stages a raucous and riotous historical comedy directed by Kevin Christopher Fox, making his Strawdog debut. Fox’s fresh perspective results in a nonstop, action packed, down and dirty (quite literally) take on battlefield dynamics.”

— EDGE Chicago


Marika Engelhardt

as Cecile

Carlo Garcia

as Tom

Carmine Grisolia.

Carmine Grisolia*

as Nym

Kyle Hamman.

Kyle Hamman*

as Will

Tom Hickey

as Bardolph

James Joseph

as Father Morpath

Brian McCartney

as Fluellen

Caroline Neff

as Maryanne

John Henry Roberts.

John Henry Roberts*

as King Henry

Michael E. Smith

as Pistol

Creative Team

Matt Pepper

Kevin Christopher Fox

Jennifer Avery
Assistant Director

Anders Jacobson
Set Design

Judy Radovsky
Set Design

Sean T. Mallary
Light Design

Jordan Kardasz*
Ass't Light Design

Joanna Melville*
Costume Design

D.J. Reed
Props Design

Kevin O'Donnell
Sound Design

Matt Hawkins
Fight Choreographer

Kathy Logelin

Jon Ravenscroft
Stage Manager

Nic Jones
Master Electrician

Cortney Hurley
Production Manager

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member