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Kat McDonnell and Mike Dailey in Marathon '33.

Marathon 33

Photo credit: Chris Ocken



Season 19

Sep 15, 2006–Oct 28, 2006

3829 N. Broadway

Gripped by The Great Depression, America gives birth to a brutal new form of entertainment: the dance marathon. Prize money (and free meals for the duration of the contest) keeps desperate people dancing … for days, weeks, months. Vaudevillians, suddenly unable to find a paying audience, flock to this vicious new sport, hoping their talents will induce people to throw spare change at the stage; and June, a child star who made the mistake of growing up, finds herself dancing on the edge of physical and mental collapse.

Jeff Awards


“… in the inventive hands of director Shade Murray … the hellish world of Depression-era marathon dances comes to sizzling life.”

— Chicago Tribune

“… richly atmospheric production …”

— Chicago Sun-Times

“… vivid … visceral …”

— Windy City Times


Carmen Aiello

as Al

Brian Amidei

as Mr. Forbes

Janet Ulrich Brooks

as Rae

Amanda Christensen

as The Mick

Michael Dailey.

Michael Dailey*

as Patsy

Anita Deely

Anita Deely

as Flo

Amy Dunlap

as Melba Marvel

Amanda Eaton

as Ida

Matt Engle

as Abe

John Ferrick.

John Ferrick*

as Scotty

Mierka Girten

as Rita

Carmine Grisolia.

Carmine Grisolia*

as Lusty

Kevin Grubb

as Beefy

Chris Hainsworth

as Ruddy

Kyle Hamman.

Kyle Hamman*

as Bozo

Tom Hickey

as Schnozz

Shannon Hoag.

Shannon Hoag*

as Sugar Hips

Melanie Keller

as Pearl

Laurie Larson

as Mrs. Beckett-Jones

Anderson Lawfer*

as Red

Nick Lewis

as Hinky

John Luzar

as Mittens

Kat McDonnell.

Kat McDonnell*

as June

Laura McKenzie

as Pinky

John Moran

as Beezer

Michaela Petro.

Michaela Petro*

as Robin

Molly Reynolds

as Eve

Helen Sadler

as Specta

Sara Sevigny

as Helen

Justin Shueman

as Mike Pete

Noah Simon

as Mr. Dankle

Scott Westerman

as Mr. James

Creative Team

June Havoc

Shade Murray

Russell Berns
Assistant Director

Robert Moore
Set Design

Sean T. Mallary
Light Design

Aly Renee Amidei*
Costume Design

Elea Crowther
Costume Design

Daniel Pellant
Props Design

Donald Cardiff
Music Director

Dan Apodaca

Paul Foster

Paul Gilvary

Kevin Richey

Neva Whipple

Shaun Whitley

Mikhail Fiksel
Sound Design

Eilleen Mallary

Mike Smallwood
Technical Direction

Erin Carlson
Stage Manager

Kyle D. Hillman

Cortney Hurley
Production Manager

Maggie Fullilove-Nugent
Master Electrician

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member