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IMG 0858 Kamille Dawkins

How Do We Navigate Space?



Season 33

Mar 15, 2021–Apr 18, 2021

How Do We Navigate Space? is an original, devised hybrid of film and theatre. This work explores the experiences of Chicagoans navigating through our current, drastically-changed world. The piece is inspired by surveys submitted by Chicago residents sharing their experiences during 2020. Combining movement, music, visual art and the voices of Chicagoans, the film will express a non-linear story of our diverse and complex city in the search for connection.

As part of our efforts to support neighboring organizations in the greater Chicago community, Strawdog Theatre will share part of the proceeds from this production with Black Lives Matter Chicago.

Visit Community Kitchen’s website to learn where you can get a free meal in the city.

Content Warning: Sexual themes, strong language, smoking, and strobe lighting effects will be used during this performance.

Get Tickets | Tickets are available as Pay-What-You-Can with a suggested amount of $15.


Yuchi Chiu Headshot He Him His

Yuchi Chiu

Terri Lynne Hudson Theatrical Headshot She Her Hers

Terri Lynne Hudson

Josie Headshot July 2020 She Her Hers They Them Theirs

Josie Koznarek

Mah Nu They Them Theirs

Mah Nu

Gloria Imseih Petrelli Headshot She Her Hers

Gloria Imseih Petrelli

Strebig Erik Headshot They Them Theirs He Him His

Erik Strebig

Creative Team

Jos N. Banks
Costume Designer

Kamille Dawkins*
Director of Photography

Kyle Hamman*
Video Editor

Heath Hays*
Sound Designer

Becca Levy*
Movement Designer

Karissa J Murrell Myers*
Writer / Casting Director

Denise Yvette Serna

* Strawdog Theatre ensemble member