by Frank Wedekind
directed by Stuart Carden
Season 15
May 15—June 28, 2003
Carden and his cast confront the play on its own terms, conjuring the fear, the anguish, the appetite, the sensuality and even, at times, the crazy humor in it all.
— Chicago Sun-Times
Performances…that combine headlong exuberance with measured despair.
— Chicago Reader

First published in 1891, Frühlings Erwachen created an instant scandal in Germany and took 14 years to receive a successful staging. Over its hundred year history it has often been performed in expurgated form but it remains, at its heart, a story that is tender, funny, sad, surreal and deeply poetic.

Three fourteen year-olds (Melchior, Wendla, and Moritz) feel their lives quickly changing as puberty overtakes them. The adult world, which hangs distantly over their own, fails to give them the knowledge and guidance they need, leaving them to philosophize, rage, and plunge headlong into tragic decisions.

Strawdog welcomes director Stuart Carden to the Dog House for the third and final show of our 15th Season.

Anita Deely
Mrs Bergmann
Chris Hainsworth
Mr. Gabor/Prof. Stickytongue/Pastor Skinnytum
Kyle Hamman *
Tom Hickey
Carolyn Klein
Mrs. Gabor
Frank Wedekind
Stuart Carden
Light Design
Sean T. Mallary
Costume Design
* = Strawdog company member
Photography by Jon Cole Media
Production photo by Chris Ocken
Photo by KBH Media
Photo by Donald Cardiff
Photo by John Flak
Photo by Dave Brennan
Photo by Heath Hays
Production photo by TCMcG Photography