Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Opens April 29, 2001
Thursday, Friday, Saturday


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On the 18th of January, 1788 the first fleet of British prison ships, under the command of Arthur Phillip, arrive at Botany Bay in New South Wales, Australia and soon settle up the coast at Port Jackson, the site of current-day Sydney.

Many of the prisoners have been convicted of minor theft (stealing a loaf of bread was crime enough to earn deportation) and many of their wardens are military men who fought and lost the war against the American colonies. There is a sense that they have all of them been condemned: to the task of founding a self-sustaining colony in a land where farming is difficult, disease is rampant, the laborers unwilling and the aboriginal population often hostile.

At a time of extremely low supplies and low hopes, with the future of the colony in question, 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark decides to stage a production of George Farquhar's comedy "The Recruiting Officer" using convicts, many of them illiterate, as his cast. His intention is not only to raise morale but also make a favorable impression upon his superiors and secure a promotion. The project immediately takes on political dimensions and meets with opposition among the other officers. As his opening night nears Clark struggles to ready the play amidst a storm of questions about the possibility of redemption and the transforming powers of theatre.

2nd Lt. Ralph Clark
Kyle Hamman *
Mary Brenham
Stacy Parker *
Duckling Smith
Jen Avery *
Midshipman Harry Brewer
Michael Dailey *
Maj. Robbie Ross/Ketch Freeman
Chris Hainsworth *
Dabby Bryant
Elizabeth Rich
Capt. Arthur Phillip
Tim Curtis *
Liz Morden
Lisa Rothschiller
John Wisehammer
Carmen Aiello
Robert Sideway
John Ferrick
Capt. David Collins
Christian Felix
Capt. Jeremy Campbell/
John Arscott
James Anthony Zoccoli *
Shade Murray
Debbie Caruso *
Set Design
David Wolf
Prop Design
Becky Marshall
Lighting Design
Lynne Koscielniak
Sound Design
Chris J. Johnson
Costume Design
Sarah Pace
Stage Manager
Jess Hill *
Production Manager
Michelle Caplan *
Marketing Team

Jen Avery *
Mike Dailey *
Chris Hainsworth *
Tom Hickey *
Julie Stanton *

* = Strawdog Ensemble Member