by William Shakespeare
adapted by Michael Dailey & Nic Dimond
directed by Nic Dimond
Season 15
September 5—October 26, 2002
Smartly reduced in scale and smart, period. It's the first good Julius Caesar I've seen.
— Chicago Tribune

Dateline: Rome. City at the center of the world. It is the aftermath of a great civil war that had threatened to tear the Empire apart and Julius Caesar has returned to Rome prepared to accept the mantle of King from a willing senate. Among Caesar's highest ranking men are Cassius and Brutus, long-time friends whose own ideals and ambitions drive them to a conspiracy to make Rome a Republic at the cost of Caesar's life.

Strawdog co-artistic director Mike Dailey and emeritus member Nic Dimond (director of The Green Bird, Return to the Howard Bowl and Measure for Measure) have taken a hatchet and a scalpel to Shakespeare's story of friendship and political violence and they've carved it up as a dish fit for the Dogs.

Anita Deely
John Ferrick *
Marc Antony
Chris Hainsworth
Tom Hickey
Gregor Mortis
Loretta Rezos
John Henry Roberts *
Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare
Nic Dimond
Set Design
David Meihaus
Sound Design
Gregor Mortis
Stage Manager
"On the lake"
Abigail Boucher
* = Strawdog company member
Photography by Jon Cole Media
Production photo by Chris Ocken
Photo by KBH Media
Photo by Donald Cardiff
Photo by John Flak
Photo by Dave Brennan
Photo by Heath Hays
Production photo by TCMcG Photography