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Strawdog Theatre Company + Wireless 3

MARCH 27 - MAY 14 2005

Friday/Saturday 8pm
Sunday 7pm

Tickets $20
Students/Seniors $15

Special Benefit Opening
Saturday, Mar. 26 @ 7pm
(followed by a reception with the ensemble)
Tickets $30

CALL 773.528.9696

Floral Whitman should be the happiest woman in the world, she's married to Jonsey, whom everyone knows to be a "very handsome man," and their first child has nearly arrived. But something isn't sitting well with her and it isn’t just third trimester giddiness.

To complicate everything her impetuous sister (the aptly named) Pandora’s wedding day has arrived and it’s starting to look like a slow motion train wreck. Edvard Lunt, her fiancé, is more than twice her age, much to mother Kandall’s chagrin; his tightly-wound son Sidney has arrived to stop the wedding by any means possible and the Reverand Larance (“a good man” by all accounts) has wandered off into the woods.

Beth Henley’s “Impossible Marriage” takes a fast and funny look at families, secrets, love and marriage and wraps it all up in some comic southern gentility. Strawdog welcomes director Eric Wegener to the House for the second main-stage show of our 17th Season.

Brian Amidei
   as Rev. Jonathan Larance
Chris Hainsworth *
   as Jonsey Whitman
Lynne Hall
   as Kandall Kingsley
Erik Hellman
   as Sidney Lunt
Shannon Hoag *
   as Pandora Kingsley
Harlan Hogan
   as Edvard Lunt
Loretta Rezos
   as Floral Whitman

    Beth Henley
    Eric Wegener
Set Design
    Joey Wade
Light Design
    Emil Boulos
Costume Design
    Aly Renee Amidei *
Props Design
    Whitney Behr
    Kevin O'Donnell
    Eileen Mallary
Vocal Coach
    Matt Harding
Technical Direction
    Steve Clark
Stage Manager
    Erin Carlson
    Abigail Boucher
    Bill Burton

* = Strawdog company member