Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov
translated by Curt Columbus
directed by Kimberly Senior
Season 21
February 21—March 28, 2009
… Kimberly Senior's quietly staged, achingly acted production is full of modest but considerable rewards and, yes, feels totally in sync with the moment.
— Time Out Chicago
Kimberly Senior's stripped-down staging of Anton Chekhov's last play, about a fading upper-class family losing their beloved estate to foreclosure, feels nearly perfect for our age of scarcity and anxiety. The entire ensemble fully inhabits the tale's aura of hapless good intent trumped by harsh reality, and Jennifer Avery is heartbreaking as the endearing yet maddeningly indecisive Lovey, whose distractedness barely covers up her incipient hysteria.
— Chicago Reader

When Kimberly Senior helmed our production of Curt Columbus' translation of Three Sisters, Chicago Tribune said things like "intensely appealing," and "smoldering sexual energy." Time Out said it was "striking in its bald honesty and bold emotion." And Gay Chicago Magazine called it "a pure joy to experience." You can't buy press like that. We've looked into it.

So when Kimberly Senior brings Curt Columbus' translation of Cherry Orchard to Strawdog, SEE IT. An aristocratic family returns to Russia to keep their estate from being auctioned off to pay the delinquent mortgage. If they could only make themselves do something ... something other than allowing hidden passions to break through their upperclass manners in unfortunate and hilarious ways.

With a depth of visual focus that only our unique space can offer, and subtle, naturalist acting that has to be seen up close, Strawdog will show you once again why Chekhov is considered a master. It's not because people used to like boring things.

Jennifer Avery
Jeff Bruce
Rebecca Buller
Corey Clifford
Ryan Patrick Dolan
Amy Dunlap
Rob Fagin
Tom Hickey
Shannon Hoag *
James Joseph
Sean Sinitski
Jamie Vann *
Anton Chekhov
Curt Columbus
Kimberly Senior
Assistant Director
Cody Estle
Tiffany Smith
Set Design
Anders Jacobson
Light Design
Sean T. Mallary
Ass't Light Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Mikhail Fiksel
Mike Mroch
Stage Manager
Erin Carlson
* = Strawdog company member
Photography by Jon Cole Media
Production photo by Chris Ocken
Photo by KBH Media
Photo by Donald Cardiff
Photo by John Flak
Photo by Dave Brennan
Photo by Heath Hays
Production photo by TCMcG Photography